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Why You Should Buy a Campervan

In Australia and around the world, campervans are incredibly popular options for holiday. They are an affordable, reliable, and fun way to travel the country. If you are thinking of retiring or just want something to drive around on holiday and on the weekends, you might want to look into buying a campervan. However, there are a few things you should know about them before you take the plunge.

Are They Different Than RVs?

So, campervans are a type of recreational vehicle, but they are not necessarily what you might think of when you think of an RV. When you think of an RV, an image of a large bus-like vehicle probably comes to mind. They tend to look something like the tour buses that musicians ride around on. They are large and imposing on the road and best suited for large groups like bands. Campervans are smaller and more affordable than RVs. Not to mention, they are easier to drive.

Campervans also differ from fifth wheels in a few significant ways. A fifth wheel is a camper that attaches to the trailer hitch of a truck or SUV. Usually, campers have most of the amenities of other RVs but they have to be pulled by a separate vehicle.

A campervan is a self-propelled vehicle that contains most of the amenities of a larger RV. Typically, they have sleeping quarters over the cabin.

What Do They Offer?

Some of them come equipped with what is called “pop up” roof. Others have fixed roofs. Pop up roofs can be raised while camping to offer extra space inside.

Typically, they have a kitchen as well. The kitchen usually comes equipped with a refrigerator and a small grill. The refrigerator and grill usually run on natural gas, propane, or electricity. Larger models come equipped with full bathrooms as well. The bathrooms typically have showers, sinks, and toilets.

If you are looking for Winnebago campervans for sale so visit, you also want to consider what sort of power source is required to operate the appliances inside. Usually, the appliances run on your choice of electricity sources. Usually, you can run your campervan amenities on a dedicated battery that is not the van’s battery. You can also run them on a generator or an external alternating current source such as you would find at a hookup site at a camping site.

What about Costs?

When looking into buying, here are costs you should consider. Obviously, the cost of the campervan itself is going to be your foremost consideration. However, you should also consider how much the vehicle insurance will be. That is going to be a recurring cost every month. Also, you should think about maintenance of the vehicle. Older models are going to require more trips to a mechanic. You should think about things like tires and spark plugs as well. These burn out no matter how well kept the vehicle might be. Petrol is another consideration. You will not burn as much gasoline as you would with a full sized motorhome, but it still could get expensive.

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