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What You Must Know About Exhaust Cooling Fans

With the sheer variety of cooling solutions on the market, it is very difficult for one to make the right purchasing choices of fans. It really is up to the person on which solutions they want to take but it really depends on what their needs are. That is the challenge when it comes to deciding the right fan for the right manufacturing environment. Here is everything you need to know about the different solution so that hopefully, you can tell which one will be the best fit.

Why Evaporative Solutions Are So Popular

Industrial solutions come with a variety of names, such as industrial exhaust fans. When it comes to cooling solutions, there is nothing more popular than evaporative cooling fans. Unlike conventional fans, these require a steady flow of outside air to work. They actually operate by mixing in water with the air that they circulate to create very cooling air. Not only are they effective at what they are meant to do, but they are also very cost effective.

These fans are built to serve places that have a constant flow of outside air. Their advantage is that they do not release any harmful by-products during usage and they also do not require any chemicals to operate.

Ceiling Fans That Are Not So Typical

Industrial ceiling fans are also known as ‘big industrial fans’ due to their size. It doesn’t take much to know how they can be most effective at preventing heating problems in your production. The key is to determine if you have enough space in your factory to accommodate them, because after all they are big. Of course, they do come in different sizes and shapes so you will be able to have lots of options to choose from that will suit you the best.

The one thing to note bout these fans is that their cooling power is limited by the size of the fan blades and the speed at which they can spin. The faster they turn and the bigger the blades are, the extra cool air that is generated.

Then There’re the Exhaust Solutions

If you are not interested in blowing air towards your machinery to keep them cooled, then you can certainly do the opposite. Exhaust fans are capable at keeping the air chilled simply by constantly sucking all of the hot air out of the production area. It does this by being wall-mounted next to the machine that it is meant to cool so that it can capture as much heat as possible.

These are great especially if you use them inside confined spaces but their cooling power has been known to be a bit lacking. You should probably go for other more powerful solutions.

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