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What are the Treatment Options for an Enlarged Prostate?

Men over 50 years old are at risk for enlarged prostate and should visit a New York urology doctor for regular check-up’s. In fact, this condition is the most common prostate related issue in older men. It tends to develop due to the prostate pressing down on the urethra. An enlarged prostate is also sometimes called benign prostatic hyperplasia. This condition is uncomfortable and often leads to a number of symptoms, including:

  • Incontinence
  • Weak urinary stream
  • Excessive urination at night
  • Difficulty starting urine
  • A urinary stream that starts and stops

Many men are reluctant to talk about these issues to their physician but it is important to do so as there are many treatment options available. Here are just a few of the treatment options for an enlarged prostate.


Typically, oral medications are the first treatment used for an enlarged prostate. Alpha blockers and 5-Alpha reductase inhibitors are the drugs used to treat this condition. 5-Alpha reductase inhibitors include Avodart and Proscar. These drugs prevent testosterone from converting to dihydrotestosterone, the hormone that stimulates the prostate. This effectively reduces the size of the prostate. Another class of medication, alpha blockers, such as Flomax, are also helpful. Flomax and similar drugs relax key muscles in the prostate and bladder, which helps to increase urinary flow.

Behavioral Modification

Behavioral modification is often used with medications to treat an enlarged prostate. Your doctor will work with you to identify behavioral changes that you can make to help reduce your symptoms. One thing that your physician may recommend changing is your diet. Foods that are high in zinc,  omega-3 and lycopene have been proven to reduce inflammation. Eating foods rich in these antioxidants may even help prevent an enlarged prostate. Therefore, your doctor may recommend that you include more foods that are rich in these antioxidants in your diet.

Outpatient Treatment

If medications and behavioral modification are not enough to alleviate your symptoms, your urologist may recommend an outpatient procedure to address your symptoms. The following treatments are all minimally-invasive and typically performed right in your in your doctor’s office.

  • Microwave therapy
  • Photoselective vaporization
  • Transurethral needle ablation

Surgical Procedures

Some patients do not respond to the treatment options listed above or they may not be good candidates. In that case, surgery is an option. Surgery is typically reserved for the most severe cases of enlarged prostate.  Surgery may involve either removing either a portion or all of the prostate.

If you are having any of the symptoms noted above, see a New York urology doctor for an evaluation to determine if you need treatment for any enlarged prostate.  If a New York urology doctor determines that you have an enlarged prostate, they can provide you with the best options for your particular situation.

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