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Tips for new-born photography

Most of the regular digital photographers would be aware of the fact that recently I went on to become a dad. Instead of the traditional route of capturing images, why not opt for the digital route. I have learned some lessons during this course of time, which I am sharing with you.

Portrait in comparison to documentary

The first week when it comes to infant photography in Navi Mumbai is more likely to end up like a documentary. Most of the focus of my shoots ends up with being a first. First with the mom, then dad and the relatives. I ended up capturing each and every image with the relative, till I reached home and became a bit settled.

Though I did go on to capture a few portraits like images, yet most of them were activity based. A few of our friends did go on to recommend a balance between these two styles.

The correct angle

One of the many difficult tasks with a digital photography is the different angles which people find it difficult to find. In the days, which lead up to the birth of the baby, it is all the more difficult as they are swaddled in gunny bags and added to that the complications on the faces as well as stretch marks on the baby. Do not give up though, as all is not lost as there are a number of things which you can undertake to get rid of this following problem.

You would need to get down low as this means getting down to the level of the baby. On a personal level, I have gone on to spend a lot of time lying on the floor with my baby. It is something which both of us enjoy and adds to the fun aspect in the camera. In a way, you should go on to the focal length, which has to be the biggest and this means you are on the same platform as the baby. This would go a long way in helping you find the perfect baby portfolio in Navi Mumbai.

Close-ups is another method where you can improve your angles and you are bound to be more intimate. In fact, this can be done by adjusting or using a longer focal length. Some of the best shots which I have taken till now are when I have been nursing my baby. When you put him in an upright position he goes on to look like a bit human and in the process, goes on to open up the angles of your photos. When you go on to try a number of positions it does open up a host of possibilities at the same time.

Opt the macro route

All of us love new-born babies as they are small and at the same time cute. In fact, as they are cute, theireyes, hands, and face, help the photographer to capture a wide variety of images. If the camera has a macro mode or if you have a macro lens, which is being installed in your camera, then it can go on to isolate that particular body part and you can go on to concentrate solely on it. Doing this helps you to eradicate any details which you missed earlier.

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