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Solar Energy: What does Solar Energy Works?

Nowadays the Sun is one of the most popular renewable energy sources. Many people are using it in order to cut back on expenses, and it has also become a vital part of the economical strategies employed by various countries to reduce energy waste. In this article we are going to discuss the benefits of introducing ORC systems for an even more efficient exploitation of this type of renewable energy source.

ORC, short for Organic Rankine Cycle, is the result of decades of technological improvements. It is called organic because, unlike older technologies, it uses organic fluids for generating power, which can be both electrical and thermal. Exergyhas patented the Radial Outflow Turbine, an efficient and cost effective solution thanks to which it is possible to produce energy using untapped heat sources till today.

EXERGY’s solution for the generation of green power from solar resources (see more ) involves the above-mentioned ORC system, as well as the Concentrated Solar Power system (CSP).

Applying the ORC technology to CSP plants has plenty of advantages. First of all, they provide a much higher flexibility than the steam cycles we have so far been using. Second, they are capable of producing power even when the available heat source is at a much lower temperature than usual. Third, they allow to build smaller installations, which can be expanded wherever it is deemed necessary. And last but not least, since it makes the processes of both maintenance and operation a lot more straightforward, they lower the final cost of installation.

ORC systems can be used with solar panels, which means everyone can now take full advantage of the power of the Sun. Since they are highly efficient in converting thermal energy into electrical and thermal power, these systems will surely be a large part of the future for industrial processes.

How solar energy is obtained and converted to electricity?

Solar energy is essentially described as packets of photons travelling from the sun. These packets are trapped and converted into electric energy for a variety of purposes. The solar power essentially involves around the conversion of sunlight into electricity by two methods namely,

  1. Photo voltaic method,
  2. Concentrated solar power method.

The photo voltaic method is the method where a photo voltaic cell or a solar cell is used to convert the solar energy using the photo electric effect. A solar cell is a special substance that allows the flow of electrons on the bombardment of photons and hence allowing the flow of electricity.

In the concentrated solar power method, there is a system that uses parabolic mirrors, glasses or lenses to focus the sunlight into a powerful small beam. This concentrated beam is then used as a heat source that could be used in a conventional power plant.

The first method which is the use of photo voltaic cell is the one that is used in domestic purposes.

Why is it necessary to use solar energy?

Solar energy is a renewable energy source. The Solar Energy AZ can be consumed all through the year and will never be finished. That is the best part of using solar energy. It will also give you the satisfaction of being a nature lover and an environment care taker. It is the duty of every citizen to take care of the nature and to preserve the natural resources for the future generation. More over the usage of solar energy will bring down your electricity bill to a considerable level.

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