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Memorable Jazz Festival in Ubud Bali

Jazz festival in Ubud Bali is music festival that people can watch it which is located in Bali, Indonesia. This artistic music festival has presented to you to bless your vacation when you are coming to Bali, Indonesia. There is a founder behind this jazz music festival. It has been founded in 2010 by Yuri Mahatma who is a music teacher, composer, musician, and founder of the Underground Jazz Movement with AnomDarsana who is an owner and director of ANTIDA Music Production. They had worked for jazz concerts together in each time using the different theme. In 2012, they had the idea to hold a community jazz concert. Then, they had the support and involvement from some artist communities. In 2013, the first jazz music festival has held in Ubud village, Bali. Today, this jazz concert festival is one of the attractions that people should not miss when coming to this island. Artistic jazz festival in Ubud Bali also facilitates such a local workshop and the education of national music to attract young people in having an interest in jazz music.

Ubud jazz festival is an international festival that is empowered by the communities there annually. The finance of this festival is from advertisement, sponsorship and some are from tickets, traders, merchandise, and booth. This jazz festival is presented to attract people more to come to Ubud and interest more in jazz. There are almost a hundred volunteers to organize this jazz festival. They had a hard work to bring the visitors come to the town, boost the economy, and create this event so the local people say that this is one of the iconic and artistic music festivals for years. This jazz event has come there to create a beautiful smile from more than five hundred people who attended the event. This festival breaks the boundaries of different age, wealth, and creed. This jazz music festival is presented with a great performance from several musicians who will create your memorable vacation. This jazz event festival consists of some agenda held in 3 stages for 2 days, there are:

  • 100 Musicians
  • 20 Performances
  • Jazz Bands; any variety of jazz music forms
  • Food Festivals; culinary of local best traditional foods
  • International Jazz Festival; performers come from many countries and nationalities
  • Edu-Mission; talented students presented jazz music.

Great azz festival in Ubud Bali is successful to make the Indonesian visitors and tourists come to this place to watch the most artistic music festival that is held in Bali. Since this island is the most favorite and most visited place in Indonesia, then holding this kind of festival in Ubud is the brilliant idea ever. If you want to watch this jazz event, then come to this place in the particular date that the committee of event decided. When you come to this place, you will also be able to taste the traditional food since there are many food stalls surrounding the event. Come there and you will be pleased with jazz music that can please your day.

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