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Knowing the right dosage

The dosage of this supplement greatly varies depending upon the purpose of use and experience of the user. Those who are more tolerant to anabolic compounds can prefer to take higher doses than those who are amateurs. Beginners should start off with the minimum dosage level initially and then slowly increase the intake depending on their level of tolerance. Since this compound is known to have short half-life users can either prefer to take a single daily dose or divide the intake into two dosages per day.

For women, the initial dosage level of 10mg is better to start off with while men may consume up to 20mg or even 25mg if used for a professional purpose. However, women should not consume more than 40mg per day while men should not go beyond 120mg daily. But whatever be the purpose of use it is always recommended to take the help of a medical practitioner to know the right dosage with perfection.

Effects of Anavaron women

While oxandrolone is known to provide positive results for men it is much more efficient and effective when used by women. This is the reason for anadrol being labeled as the official girl steroid and its effect is considered as equivalent to testosterone on men. However, it should be kept in mind that taking this compound in wrong dosage levels can create certain side-effects similar to effects of virilization.

During the off-season this compound has been shown to stimulate weight loss and is used to develop lean muscle mass while shredding off the unwanted fat from the body.The effects of this supplement during the off-season period are far more pronounced on women yielding higher return per milligram. However, a proper diet routine is essential to experience the desired results. This can be considered as a magic supplement for those females who are associated with the bodybuilding or athletic community as it is known to produce results that every professional wants to achieve through dedication and hard work.

Certain precautionary measures

Before experiencing the weight-loss effects of the Anavar it is safe to consult a physicist and disclose and allergic reactions that you might have in respect of certain compounds. This product is known to contain certain inactive ingredients that might cause allergic reactions to many. People suffering from ailments like prostate cancer, breast cancer or any mineral imbalance should compulsorily take medical help before taking this medicine.

Declare any issues of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or any kidney problems or other pulmonary disease you have been diagnosed with earlier. Caution must be exercised while prescribing this product for older adults who might be at a greater risk of liver or prostate problems and swelling of the body parts. Since this supplement has been shown to stimulate weight loss results for the user pregnant or nursing women or those who are breast-feeding should be extremely cautious of its consumption due to the lack of sufficient scientific evidence.

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