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Some Important Information about Pregnancy

There are not so many strict rules about the prohibitions during pregnancy. But, of course, the pregnant women should abstain from drugs and alcohol and for rest of the part, they can move forward with their most of the prepregnancy life but regular and proper Doctor consultation is important.

Foods that should be avoided during Pregnancy

The pregnant women should not take the following foods during their pregnancy:

  • Raw shellfish and meat: Uncooked seafood, such as mussels, oysters, and clams.
  • Deli meat: This type of foods may be contaminated along with bacteria, listeria that may cross the crucial part placenta and then infect the developing baby. If an infection is occurred in utero, then it can develop blood poisoning that can become a life-threatening issue for the baby.
  • Fish Contaminated with Higher Mercury Level: This particular is included with king mackerel, shark, tilefish, and swordfish. Beware of the tuna fish too.
  • Smoked seafood: The pregnant women should avoid kippered fish, lox, jerky or the nova style of salmon. This kind of refrigerated and smoked seafood can be contaminated along with listeria.

Besides these foods, raw eggs, Unpasteurized dairy, soft cheeses etc also should be avoided. You should properly consult your Specialist which foods should be strictly prohibited during the pregnancy.

Pregnancy Medication

The pregnancy can be associated with lots of anxiety and tensions for the unburned baby and some time, a pregnant woman may not be sure about the consumption of the regular OTC (over-the-counter) medication. Some of the medications may be safe to use and some of the not. In some cases, the effects of some medications are not known on the baby.

When one woman is confirmed about her pregnancy from the Doctor, she should ask which medications are safe and for which medications she should take some alternatives. The Specialist will properly examine the benefits and risks of each and every medication as per her health parameters and then give him/her expert opinion to that pregnant woman. If you are pregnant, then you should properly know about the medicine you can take while pregnant.

Generally, prenatal vitamins are important and safe to take during pregnancy, but it is very important to consult with the Doctor about each and every medication. You can ask your Specialist about the importance and safety of the consumption of other vitamins, herbal supplements, and remedies. Many of the herbal preparations are not associated with any proof for their safety during pregnancy. Generally, one pregnant woman should not consume any kind of OTC medication during pregnancy without consultation.

Certain alternative therapies may be safe along with effective during the pregnancy for providing relief to certain uncomfortable and unwanted side effects during pregnancy. First of all, they should properly consult with the Doctors and it is also true that natural products may not always equally safe for the pregnant women. If any pregnant lady is suffering from any kind of health issues, such as Constipation, Cold and flu, Allergy, Rashes, Nausea, Backache etc, then she should always go for the safe medications during pregnancy. Some oral supplements and some aromatherapy oils (essentials) should be avoided with consulting the Specialist.

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