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Emerging countries and renewables: where are they more used?

Costa Rica, Afghanistan, China, India, and Albania have been moving away from fossil fuels, and giving always more attention and investments to renewable energy. Here is what we can expect shortly. (source

Costa Rica

This small Central American country is on track to be the first among the emerging ones to achieve 100% of electricity generated from renewable sources, thanks to its considerable disposal of  hydro, wind and geothermal potential. In 2016, Costa Rica was powered only by renewable energy for 94 consecutive days. Power generation will be done without fossil fuels by 2025, but probably the goal will be reached before that date.


Surprisingly, this country is developing lots of energy from renewable sources. First, because resources are abundant, but mainly because the geographical and territorial political fragmentation promotes decentralized energy production, controlled by local people, rather than large plants, managed centrally. Certainly, Afghanistan currently has no major industries, and this makes the weight of renewables more important in the energy mix of this country.


In less than a decade, China has become the largest producer and user in the world of technologies related to renewable energy. The goal of the Chinese government for 2030 is a growth of 20% of renewables in total energy consumption. By 2020 China is expected to double the use of wind power and quadruple that of solar energy. The country also leads the world in infrastructures such as high-speed railways and digital power grids, which will facilitate the transition to a new model of power production and energy management.


With 20% of the population without access to electricity, the government has pledged to provide energy continuously to all homes in the next national elections in 2019. Also, the campaign “Make in India” aims to expand manufacturing capacity of the nation, with a consequent increase in the demand for energy that must necessarily be produced in a decentralized manner.

According to government plans, the sun should rise to 100 GW by 2022. This expansion could create more than 670,000 new jobs related to clean energy.


This small country with less than 3 million inhabitants has great potential in renewable energies. The government has already approved a plan in 2013 to encourage investment in the sector, and achieve the goal of 38% energy from renewable (non-hydro) by 2020. Investments are slow to arrive, partly because of legislative problems and partly because the potential for development is not yet clearly perceived by businesses, but Albania is also rich in water.

Renewables are becoming every day more important in our life and for our world, and in the near future emerging countries should lead the “green trend”, also thanks to the ability to attract more investment, that has currently taken them to the top of the new clean power global ranking.

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