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Digital Marketing Helps FinanceBrokerMake a Nationwide Impact

A UK company has developed a reputation as one of the country’s leading online finance brokers by using digital marketingto grow their brand and their reputation in this competitive market. Solution Loansare providers of personal finance products, including short terms loans such as guarantor loans and provident loans. It is essential in this industry that brokers are well-regulated and that customers can trust them implicitly to provide the best deal for their individual needs.This has meant that solution Loans needed to develop a strong online presence and building trust in their potential customer base if they were to be successful. To achieve this they embarked on a multifaceted digital marketing campaign that included social media engagement and growing their blog with not just sound financial advice but also interesting stories to keep their customers coming back.

The small companynow engages online with nearly 500,000 people per year of whom over 20% become customers.Numbers that would be hard to replicate in the bricks and mortar world with just a few employees and one office.

Digital marketingis primarily designed togain organic searchlistings on the first page of the search engine results in Google (and other search engines for businesses with an international customer base).It also aims to develop a string and authoritative online presence via social media and through marketing high-quality content. Solution Loansdesire to achieve top organic search engine rankings by entirely ethical methods reflectstheir ethos of being a trusted provider in the alternative loans industry.

Digital marketing is, in fact, a key factor in the success of every type of business across all industries. No longer is it about dubious search engine optimisation techniques but rather about high-quality content that adds value to the digital landscape. It’s about security, reputation, customer engagement and user experience. Content is developed as video, audio in the form of podcasts and text in the form of blog posts, articles and white papers. This content enables a website to offerdependable informationto it’s customers which, in turn, builds trust amongst visitors.

Using thesedigital marketing techniques has helped the Solution Loanswebsiteevolve into an authoritativesource of accurate and reliable information in the alternative lendingindustry. This has been fundamental to developing the company’s image as a trusted loan provider and also enabled them to achieve nationwide success online.

TheSolution Loans brand has achieved far more through targeted digital marketing techniques than it could ever have achieved via more standard, traditional marketing methods. Although it could be argued that digital marketing has rapidly become a standard marketing tool. It is more important than ever for businesses of all types in our increasingly internet-focused worldand is certainlyessential in the fast-changing personal financeindustry where regulatory controls are being reviewed and tightened all the time and the product offerings frequently change. Digital marketing techniques enable Solution Loans to keep pace with this fast changing environment and, moreover, thrive in it.

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