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The Combination of Two Active Substances in Losing Weight

Axio Labs made a highly potent supplement for weight loss which is CYX3 for the purpose of improving metabolic activity and burning of fat. It is a kind of oral blend that mixed the alpha adrenergic antagonists and beta-adrenergic. It helps in increasing the efficiency of thyroid in optimizing metabolic rate. What makes the Clenbuterol differ from CYX3? CYX3 is a blend of Clen and T3. How this drug does works? It has a component that is more active in promoting an athletic performance that only Clen can do. This substance is not a steroid. It has 5.4mg yohimbine content, a compound that helps in increasing the release of synaptic norepinephrine, a natural hormone of the body. This article will explain how one active and famous ingredient works most effective if being mixed with other compound.

Contents of the Combined Ingredients

The substance essentially possesses alpha blocking and beta stimulating properties that help in losing fat. CYX3 has 25mcg of T3 that is commonly known as Triiodothyronine, a thyroid hormone that affects the process of physiological. It provides the effect on muscle growth and its development. It also improves metabolism by increasing the body temperature and heart rate.  The compound contains 37mcg of Clenbuterol, a synthetic drug that has been known in giving the result of stimulating metabolic activity. Clen is sometimes used by athletes illegally for their competition because of its fast effect on gaining a defined muscle. Yohimbine came from the bark of a tree found in central Africa. It is known to burn stubborn fat which Clen alone cannot do. Blending of Clen into other substance can provide faster and better results.

The Difference between CYX3 and Icyplex

CYX3 is not injectable like Icyplex that is a combination of Clenbuterol and Yohimbine, thus Triiodothyronine is not included. Icyplex makes the norepinephrine and adrenaline in the bloodstream increase. It also stimulates metabolism. Unlike CYX3 that has an active ingredient which is T3 that targets the stubborn fat, Icyplex does not have. However, for localized fat floss Icyplex is used. It has the effect of slimming down the fat in all areas of eh body that accumulates fat. The cycle of the compound is potent and the dosing should be done very carefully. There are some adverse effects in using it that’s why the initial dosage is very low that does not exceed 2ml per day. Stubborn fat is a kind of fat that doesn’t leave and hard to remove even in a hard diet and exercise. This is belly fat for men and for women, it is commonly seen in the thighs and glutes.

Form of CYX3 Compound

The substance comes in a pill or tablet form and it is orally taken by users. Following proper dosage and to achieve maximum results and good athletic performance. There is no recommended dosage for medical purposes because the dug is not really approved by approval giving bodies. Every form and any kind of drugs that are available in the market has different prescriptions and different effects. There must be a proper recommendation from doctors stating that you are safe to take a certain kind of substance. Excessive and misusing of any drug can lead to different side effects and possibly more serious health issues.

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