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Call for help to replace your sewer pipe

Whenever you find leakage in your sewer pipes, it is the time to get it repaired or replaced as advised by your plumber. This will give you relief for the next few years. Always keep the contact numbers of your plumber ready to use when in need. There are two methods of replacing the sewer pipes. Let us know about them in detail. Each of us need to know which method of replacement would be better for our drainage system so that we do not require to rang up the plumber every second day to help repairing the pipes. This will also increase the sewer replacement cost.

Excavation method of sewer replacement

Excavation method is the old or traditional method which was followed earlier to replace the old sewer pipes with new one. IN this method the labors are required to dig up the land where the pipe is fitted and take out the old pipe and fit the new one. This method is labor extensive and requires at least a day or two or may be more depending on the area and the condition of the pipe. The landscape also gets disturbed due to extensive digging of the area with rough machine, hazardous tools and etc.

Trenchless method of replacing sewer pipes

Well, this is an easy method to get a new sewer pipe in place of the old one. The method requires a new pipe to be inserted inside the old one. The machine which is used to insert the pipe causes the old pipe to burst and at the end you are left with a new fitted pipe. Sometimes the old pipe too remains intact with the new one making the whole system of piping stronger than earlier. This method is not only easier than the traditional method but also involves less labor. The method involves a machine to insert and fit the pipe and a sewer pipe which is to be inserted inside the old one.

Which sewer replacement method to be preferred?

Many of us do not know about the details in each of the above methods. The plumbers are well aware of the facts, uses of tools, advantages and disadvantages of choosing one method over the other. But in general, the plumbers who are experts in following the pipe bursting method of replacing sewer pipes will never recommend you to follow the traditional old method of replacement. This is why the trenchless method is followed over the traditional excavation and digging method. Thus, get your sewer pipes replaced whenever there is an issue so that you need not face any problem at a later stage which is not easy to handle alone.

Thus, get your sewer pipes replaced as soon as possible before such situation arises that you are not able to handle. Nowadays plumbers are awaken just by a click online or by a call on their given contact numbers. So, why not take a step to rebuild your sewer.

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