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Are Bundles Worth the Hype? Pros and Cons of Bundling Internet with TV and Phone

So you enjoy hyper-fast internet connect, and would like to catch up on your favorite movies, TV series. Why not bundle them up, right? Here’s the thing: many consumers with the internet, phone, and TV connection usually pay separate bills for the services. A growing number of internet service providers in Canada, however, now offer bundled packages that include the internet, phone, and TV. Usually, they are called triple and double plays. And they do offer both benefits and disadvantages.


Save Oodles of Money

There is simply no reason why you have to put a huge dent in your bank account to stay connected with your family, friends, and colleagues, get connected to the internet or watch movies on TV.  Bundled packages offer incredible savings. What’s more is that ISPs have been competing to bring more customers on board; so you can expect rock bottom prices for the bundles.

A variety of options

Bundled packages come in a huge variety of price ranges, features, and so much. With so many selections to choose from, customers are spoilt for choice. That you means there is always something for everyone. You can get lower-tier packages that offer basic phone, the internet, and TV connection all the way to premium options that include super-high speed internet, unlimited calls, and unlimited TV channels.

Enjoy centralized customer services

Let’s be honest; everyone hates to wait on the hold for minutes or hours waiting for a simple issue to be resolved by the customer service crew. With a bundled package, you don’t have to deal with them separately for each service — one call can always do the trick.

The joy of paying one bill

As if enjoying extreme savings isn’t enough, bundled internet packages offer you the convenience of having to deal with one small bill. This way, you spend your sweet time enjoying ISP services instead of keeping up with overdue, payment deadlines, and so forth.

More Services for Less

Bundled packages have evolved over the years due to cut-throat competition in the triple play and double play sector. For the same monthly payment, your ISP can offer you more features including higher bandwidth, free email address, free cloud access, and much more, all without charging a dime more. With bundled packages, you will be truly pulling double duty.



Think about it: if your preferred provider has a service outage in your area, you will definitely lose all three elements. Such a scenario – though a rare – can have an adverse impact on your life.

Unnecessary Services

Sometimes providers bundle more service than you actually need. Nowadays, for instance, everyone has a mobile phone, making a wall phone somewhat redundant. So if the value of the phone makes a huge difference in the package, you will be paying for what you don’t necessarily need. Sometimes ISPs offer good internet service bundled with crappy TV options and lackluster phone line.

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