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Birthday Tips For Your Loved Ones Who Are Far Away

When I was a kid, while growing up, I always wondered of going to a big city for higher studies and how city life would be. I came from a small town, so my big dream was to have a huge career after shifting to the city. But, what I didn’t realise is what all I would be missing away from my folks missing my birthday with them, their birthdays, festivals and what not.

So, today we are going to be talking about ideas for birthday gifts and celebrations for the ones who are away in different cities or country. You could take up these few tips to make your loved ones feel special for their birthdays and other occasions and compensate for your absence a little more!

  1. Send chocolates online: chocolates are loved by all and what is a better occasion for chocolates than a birthday. Your childhood friend that you grew up with now lives in a different city. A phone call doesn’t do justice, but chocolates would definitely work like magic.
  2. Online bouquet- the fragrance of fresh flowers can soothe anybody’s mood. Flowers have been used for centuries to express love. On occasions like Valentine’s Day or birthdays you could send a bouquet of flowers for your loved ones. Flowers never fail to brighten ones mood.
  3. Online cake delivery- cakes are a must during birthdays. They are like tradition now. No birthday is complete without one. But it becomes difficult to get a cake if your special one is not in the same city as you. So you could resort to online cake delivery. There are online sites that help you deliver cakes on occasions like birthdays, valentines, anniversaries, baby showers etc.
  4. Fruit basket- fruit basket is a very common gesture used as gifts especially when you want to wish someone ‘get well soon’. You could send a fruit basket as a gift to your far away aunt or uncle on their birthday or in times when they fall ill. This could be used as a very good gesture.
  5. Cards and other stationery- nothing shows more love than a heartfelt paragraph wishing you all the good things in the world. A card is used to express love and affection that is portrayed by careful selection of beautiful words. You could use online services from gift and service provider to get your cards and other such stationery delivered or send them yourself by post.

Now that you know a few hacks for birthday ideas you do not have to feel so bad for not being able attend your loved one’s birthday after al. A lovable and thoughtful gesture is always appreciated. And as the saying goes ‘it’s the thought that counts’ does really make a huge difference. So, whether you choose to show love by sending birthday chocolates by post  or show a ‘get well soon’ gesture by fruit basket, in the end always remember that it is the thought that always counts.

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