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Benefits of Anavar

Anavar has become the number one choice of every fitness lover who wishes to have a toned ripped body in a quicker way apart from regular workouts. Anavar is another mild anabolic steroid like Testosterone and Dianabol, with minimal possible side effects. The drug has shown promising results in weight loss programs and building up muscle unit. It works wonder for people who do not want to get fat but yet craves for a muscular body and robust appearance.

Mode of action:

Anavar has grabbed the spotlight in the medical world comfort patients who have undergone massive loss of muscle mass in the course of cutting fat. This supplement can make you satisfied with your physique as it promotes muscle growth and fat loss at the same time, without causing irregular muscle shape and size. When you start gaining weight, deposits of fat occurs in the stubborn parts of the body from where it is difficult to eradicate like tummy, thigh regions and lower back. Anavar helps to bring down trim the load of fatty acids accumulation in the adipocytes of such regions, without hampering your carved muscles.

Sportspersons are largely benefitted by Anavar supplements as they boost your muscle tissues and gives you enormous energy to combat challenges in the respective sports field. The drug has been proved suitable for use by both men and women and is recommended to be taken in cycles.

Key benefits and dosage guidelines:

Anavar is also called Oxandrolone and is declared one of the mildest and secure drugs in the world. It does not result in unnecessary bulking up of the body, but is highly specific in action. For women, Anavar is often quoted as the ‘girl steroid’ as the supplement has been successful in showing promising results in females equivalent to male athletes.

However, steroids are supposed to be taken under strict instructions or prescribed by doctors. Consumption of delicate steroids without valid prescriptions is considered illegal worldwide. To kick off the cycle for women, it is recommended initiate the process with a low dose of 10-20 mg a day to test the resistance capacity or onset of any side effects. The dose can go over 20 mg per day well but it may promote greater muscle build up, so it is important how exactly the woman wants her body to look like. It is suggested to stop the consumption of Anavar after 6 weeks as beyond that exposure time, there might be chances to develop mild adverse effects.

For male bodybuilders, the exposure time to the drug as well as the dosage concentrations may vary according to how muscular and lean they want their body to appear. There can be two possible approaches favouring the muscle gain and fat loss program with Anavar supplements. You may follow the 2-weeks on and 2-weeks off schedule to keep a regular check on the muscle unit. Other option is to continue the first cycle for 6 straight weeks and stop for 3-4 weeks, then again kick start the same cycle.

Therefore by strictly abiding to the standardised instructions, Anavar can give you positive results on muscle growth and fat loss on a speedy cycle without facing much trouble with the mild aftermaths.

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